Saturday, July 11, 2015

DIY bike repair stand

Well, first of all it's not an advanced bike repair stand type thing really, but after all it makes things much easier when it comes to bike repair in my shed! Needless to say too much, let's see the project:

The shopping list:

               - 10cm x 10cm wood column (2 x 50 cm long pieces)    
               - 1 shovel handle (cut up to 50cm long pieces)
               - 6 pieces of plastic wall dowel plugs
               - 6 pieces of 18 cm long bolts
               - 6 pieces of washers 
               - 1 set of handlebar tape

  • First we got the wood planer and got the wood columns nice and smooth.
  • Then we drilled the holes for the bars and for all the fitting bolts as well. 
  • After all this we got all the necessary measurements right and got everything fitted.
  • At the end I wrapped the bars with the handlebar tape to make sure it won't damage the frame.

Here we are, it's ready :)

It's possibly the most simple thing that can be used as a bike stand but in the end of the day it's enough to get basic maintenance jobs done and they'll be much easier this way then having to get them done with the bike on the floor. And considering the fact the total cost of the whole unit was about 6 EUR makes me feel even more happy about it! :)

Testing the latest upgrade of The Bike Shed


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