Saturday, October 21, 2017

Autumn mountain bike happiness is here

Yep, things are going alright lately! My favourite season of the year is closing on us, autumn is here folks. The trails are rolling great, leafs are falling and every minute on the bike is an absolute happiness.  

The single speed beast is always ready to bite, so I'm expecting a huge amount of action filled spins on the local trails and also on undiscovered lands. 

Here we go: going sideways on slimy leafs & hit the climbs hard with one eye on the possibility of getting some sweet KOMs. Come on fall, bring it on! :) 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

19T-1 tooth... it's time for a new one!

Here we are, another part of my bike has finished its life. This lovely 19T cog from Niner have seen it all I think. Hundreds of hours, thousends of kilometers and countless hours of fun on the trails. Served me for long and there is nothing left but to fit a new one. 


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Good bye dude, see you soon!

Yesterday we had another savage XC loop. It was a bit different this time as it was kind of a good bye spin. My good mate and training buddy is travelling back to Ireland and this was the last chance to ride some sweet local trails befor his flight. 

The spin was brilliant: 62 km under 3 hours and 18 minutes with elevation very close to the 1000 m mark. Good speed, good conditions but the most important thing good chat along the way. 

Thanks a lot boss, I'll see you in December. Au revoir, safe home!