Friday, September 23, 2016

The Big Bike List

I was talking to a good friend of mine just a short while ago about old bikes and all that good stuff. And then the question was asked "Dude! How many different bikes did you actually have?!" 

So I figured it would be fun to make a list that has all my bikes over the last 15 years or so. Here we go!

Mountain bikes

- BCA steel MTB (my first bike)
- Magellan Polaris
- Magellan Crux
- Magellan Pyxis Team
- Specialized Stumpjumper
- Specialized Epic
- Tomac Taos
- Giant XTC
- Look 986
- Giant Anthem 650b
- Cannondale F29 Carbon 3 29er
- Niner E.M.D. single speed 29er (my current bike)

Cyclocross bike

- Giant TCX

Road bikes

- Trek 1.5
- Sintesi Infinity
- Trek Madone 4.5

Commuter bikes

- Peugeot steel (single speeed)
- Tomassini Super Prestige (fixed wheel)
- Some retro steel frame road bike (fixed wheel)
- Giant (fixed wheel)
- Torro TenFour (fixed wheel)

So, when the list was complete I couldn't believe that I've had more than 20 bikes since I started this whole "being a cyclist game". And I also have that feeling it won't be the end of the list either! ;)  

Friday, September 9, 2016

Mountain biking in Hungary VS. Ireland

I've had this post in mind for a long time, so I guess it's time to get a little comparative post about the two, very different countries to ride. There will be a bit of everything: terrain, conditions, races and whatever else comes into my mind.


I think mountain biking in general is quite popular in Ireland. It is an absolutely fantastic place on Planet Earth, so this is no surprise at all! :)


After riding off-road in Ireland for 10 years the biggest difference compare to Hungary was the terrain and the trails conditions thanks to the not exactly biker friendly weather. There are no big mountains in Ireland, the altitude is pretty much the same as it is in Hungary. But the trails are more technical much more technical!! And to add the savage weather to the mix it creates a truly unique and challenging riding experience.

It doesn't rain all the time but it rains a lot I have to say. Thanks to this the trails are muddy, wet and slippery most of the time. Now, it takes time to get used to these conditions and also takes a soul to love it, but I think I can say that I learned to appreciate the whole lot over the years. 

Lets see the racing in Ireland. The races are absolutely brilliant with strong & good organizer clubs. Even the bigger XC and Marathon events have an atmosphere that feels like you are part of a big family where everyone knows everyone. The race courses are tough and technical with usually bad weather and trail conditions. 

Of course mountain biking in Ireland isn't about the bad weather, not at all! When you get a nice day for it and you let the trails to take you then you get to experience breathtaking views and places that you didn't even think they exist. Freakin' amazing!! 


The mountain biking sport is very different in many ways. The trails are very different and the trails conditions too. The sport is popular and it seems like it has been growing since I left. 

The local trails are fast rolling forest trails with some proper technical sections. The overall riding experience is absolutely awesome but definitely more simple compare to the Irish trails. The factor that I can't miss is the good weather. Stone splitting sun & dustry dry trails are something that I just can't ignore. :)

The weather is more steady and it doesn't change too quickly. It's also nice to ride in different seasons. I mean proper seasons. Each and everyone of them has their own beauty that makes mountain biking awesome.

Lets check out the racing scene in Hungary. It's definitely bigger here with much more XC and Marathon events. The races are very well run with super atmosphere and a massive crowd especially at Marathon events. Some of the Marathon events can look back to 15 years of history and they really are good! 

Hungary is a great place to be a mountain biker. Mostly predictible trails and trail conditins, beautyful places to see and awesome trails to ride!

Do I like riding in Hungary? Sure I do! Did I like mountain biking in Ireland? Hell yeah, it was awesome! But if you ask me which one is better I'm in trouble to answer... both of them! At the end of the day the bottom line is this: I ride my bike on every trail that comes in my way! :)