Saturday, August 19, 2017

IX. Tour de Pásztó // Race report

Another great race day is done & dusted. Today I was lining up at the start line of the IX. Tour de Pásztó. The popular family event is basically a 11,5 km long hillclimb with 270 meters elevation gain. As the race venue is pretty close to my place it was straight forward decision when I signed up to the race. 

As the race course was very short we decided to mix things up a little and fitted the hillclimb race into our regular MTB spin that was planned for the day anyway. The itiner was looking like this: cycle over from Zagyvaszántó to Pásztó as a warmup, do the event and ride some proper savage singletracks and take the long way home. The perfect plan! :) 

Priceless photo: my dad and me are racing together again after 13 years! Brilliant!  

After the quick warmup spin to the venue we got the registration sorted and soon we were waiting for the start. Of course we had time for...

...chilling in the shadow. 

3..2..1..GO! Off we went and started our climb in the scorching heat. The group was very mixed. There were lot of road boys and a big bunch on mountain bikes too. I wasn't sticking to anyone, I was doing my own thing. My own thing on the single speed XC weapon. :) 

After 28 minutes of hard work in the 33°C heat I crossed the finish line. The race went ok... could have been faster but today this was what I could give. But hey! Leaving road riders behind on a single speed MTB with fat tyres is a good thing! Isn't it? :) I managed to finish 20th in my category.

At the finish line (photo credit: Tour de Pásztó)

Quick rest after the finish

Had a nice bottle of ice cold grape juice and a beautiful chocolate bar from the local shop to refill the body. And...

... re-charge the machine also for the long and hard way home accross the mountains. 

The event was very well run, thank you everyone involved. The climb was nice also. But after all I'm a mountain biker and to be honest after the race we were in the middle of our Saturday MTB spin with the best trails still to come! The route was excellent with the Nyikom on the way and some brutal fast, bone dry and dusty descent into Gyöngyöspata.  

Couldn't ask for better view this afternoon!

Stunning! Absolutely woth the hard work to get up to 750 meters!

Dreaming about a nice meal on the first floor of the Nyikom Tower

After today I think it's ok for me to say that we just had one on the best spin this summer. I enjoyed every minute of it and I can only hope it wasn't the last one. I loved the Tour de Pásztó also and I'm sure I'll be back next year to shave some time off from the 28 minutes. 

Massive congrast to my dad who finished 3rd in Masters Category. Well done, brilliant result! Also kudos to my awesome training buddy Józsi who beat my time with a few minutes. Good stuff! :) 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Another brilliant XC session

The sign you need to follow

Finding new trails

Another Ride For Richie...

Quick stop at the popular shelter house called Hidegkúti Turistaház

Sunday, August 13, 2017

No comment...

Juuuuuust perfect... I'm at home on 2 weeks holidays and here we go again...havin't trouble with my back again... 

We have been painting rooms in the last two days and ther have been some furniture shifting. There was a moment when it did not feel good and of course it has resulted some back pain. Luckily it isn't too bad and I hope I'll be back on the bike in no time. Roll on muscle & joint treatment! :) 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Muzsla has finally been conquered!

I love the local trails, I sure do. I know them well and I'm 100% familiar with the hills around my place. Oh... this could actually be true... except that it's not. There is a mountain peak called Muzsla that I never climbed before due to the fact that it's kinda tricky to get to. Well, it was up until now!

As we had an early training spin planned for this morning I set my alarm, got up at 5 am and was all good to go soon after that. 

Left the house in the morning sunrise that amazes me every time I get to see it. Everything's nice and quiet, just the way I like it! 

The destination was set, we turned straight towards the climb that leads to the peak. It's a bit of a savage climb as it's 9,5 km long with over 650 meters of climbing. The final few hundred meters are incredibly steep! But it totally worth it, the place is brilliant! 

And then the descent, wow! It is rocky as hell and pretty fast too. It's a real fun filled XC descent that drops 600 meters in 5,3 km. Nice, isn't it? :) 

So, from now on I know the way to the biggest mountain peak near my village. The spin was deadly, we have done 55 km in 3 hours and 20 minutes and climbed a bit over the 1000 meters mark. The trails were brilliant and there is still plenty of chance to make this loop longer. Much longer! Roll on next time!!