Saturday, March 18, 2017

A miserable bike ride is still better than no bike ride at all...

Yeah... let this be the message of the day. And I think this little wisdom can be applied on today's spin quite well. 

There are days when the weather is so bad that you know the whole spin will be as miserable as it possible can be, but you're still heading out. You're heading out and do your thing because when you get back home and seat down on the sofa with the feet up the rewarding feeling of satisfaction will be there. That sort of feeling that comes only when you work for it... 

... and no, it doesn't always feel nice to be out in lashing rain and going against headwind with your soaked shoes & clothes and freezing cold toes & fingers. But you are out on the bike anyway. Because that's who you are. Because this is how you live your life. Because you are a cyclist and you know it by now: riding your bike only in stone splitting sun is simply impossible...would be nice but simply impossible. So, you take it as it comes and still love the whole thing! Right?!

Have I learned a lesson from living in Ireland for almost 10 years? Damn sure I did! I learned how to like being out in crap weather and still able to appreciate every minute that I spend on the bike. This is a lesson that I'm thankful for and will never forget as long as I push those pedals!! :) 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Snail Oval Chainring // Short term review

Ok, I think it's about time to get this short term review together and share some thoughts on this Snail Oval chainring. I got this ring fitted on the bike a little while ago and done about 150 km on it at this stage. 

Now, about the first impressions you can read here. But lets see how things are after a couple of decent bike ride. 

First of all it's important to know that I'm running single speed. So, there's no need to talk about the narrow-wide profile of the ring as the tensioner keep things in order for me. On the other hand the oval shape and it's benefit definitely the new thing to me. I freakin' love it! 

The ring seems to me durable, but of course there's no point to talk about durability at this point. We will see abou that in the long term review. The system works very well with this ring, after I got the chain line sorted it's nice & smooth.

I've tested the ring in many different conditions and terrain also and long story short: it works perfectly. Do I recommend it to give the "Oval Hype" a go? Hell yeah! Absolutely!!