Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Szilvásvárad Maraton 2018 // Race report

Finally my racing season for 2018 has kicked off today with the Specialized Szilvásvárad Maraton. Now, make no mistake, it wasn't the usual "lets-ride-some-maraton-race" type thing. Today was a savage day on the bike. The kind that you are happy to get over with... But lets go from the beginning!

I got up at 5 am sharp to jump into my clothes, get my massive porridge brekfast in with a beautifully strong espresso coffee and to be on the way to the race venue.

All packed up from the night before

RTG (with a bit of a Giro d'Italia feeling)

On the way I picked up my training buddy and all time good friend Gyuszi and after a not too long drive we arrived to our destiantion at Szilvásvárad. After doing the usual bit-of-this and bit-of-that routine the time has finally arrived. It was go time my friends! :) 

Ready to roll

Rolling into the start area 

3...2...1...GO!!!! Off we went to hit the trails of the Short Course of the race. The first 15 km was pretty much continous uphill that I loved. There was my chance to gain some ground...and it did work, it did work well...until...

... things started to get a bit rough (photo credit: Zsolt Juhász)

... the sky has opened up and a proper thunderstorm hit us and it did hit us badly. The temperature dropped drastically and the rain was very-very heavy. A little later some hail arrived also just to be sure we don't get to the finish easily. 

Yep, the party was gooooood... :) (photo credit: Zeve Photography)

I was soo cold that I was cramping all over the place (luckily not the legs though) and I didn't see much either. The last descent supposed to be fun to roll into the finish but it was rather challenging with massive puddles and deep mud that I got into my eyes in every damn turn. 

The only thing that managed to pull me out of the misery was the loudness of the Start / Finish area. I knew I was close. Just few more corners and there I was. I crossed the finish line! 

A lonely warrior type finish...but to be honest I was happy to see the line

Soaking wet and cold as hell but still with a smile! :) 

I've had a hard day on the bike and an ok race I guess. I finished the 39 km race with 760 m elevation gain under 1 hour and 54 minutes. This was enough to get the 21st place in the Masters 1 field. I was aiming for better result indeed but this is how the cookie crumbles. 

The best tool for the job: the faithful Trek was outstanding today

The mud is good for your skin. That's what they say anyway! ;)

After we finished with all the cleaning and packing there was nothing else to do but to head back home. On the way we stopped for a quick lunch and for some of these bad boys:

The reward after the hard day #yumm-yumm

All in all I had a good day. The event was well run, the course was great and it was absolutely priceless to be racing again! Especially with my new team Mátra Biker KSC, it was great to meet the lads for the first time. Although I didn't have a chance to wear the team kit yet but it was still great to represent my new team! Huge thanks to Gyuszi for washing the bike after the race while I was getting life into myseld and to Jani for picking up my start pack the day before, so I could avoid all the queueing this morning! You rock lads! :)

So, the season is rollin' now, stay tuned until the next race!

note: stay tuned more photos still to come...

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

2016 Trek Superfly 7 // The first 1000 km

Yep, I just got the first 1000 km on the 2016 Trek Superfly 7, so I think it's time to put together a post about my thoughts on this machine. First of all I need to say that (and I'm confident to say so) I'm on probably one of the best bikes I ever had. I can only imagine what it would be to run a carbon frame & some savage high spec combo! 

Since I got the bike back in early February I managed to ride it on many different trails and in a wide range of weather conditions also. All I can say that I'm freakin' loving it! But lets see some details now:

  • the cable casings are well sealed thanks to the internal cable routing and as a result I'm still running the original gear cable on the back
  • both wheels are nice and strong, they are running true & smooth although I hit some hard stuff once or twice
  • the FOX 32 is simply brilliant, as smooth as it can be
  • the bolt-through axles are easy to work with and they do keep things stiff

  • the Bontrager tyres are a tad bit too soft, they do wear out fast I'm afraid
  • the sealed bearings are gone already in the rear hub 

So, after this 1000 km I'm truly impressed: Trek wanted to give us a savage XC weapon and they nailed it sooooo well! It is fast, light, reliable and gives me massive smile each time I hit the tails on it. The 2018 racing season will kick off in 3 weeks time and I can't wait to see how the Superfly will perform under proper pressure! Bring it on!  

Thursday, April 26, 2018

April update

Hi all! I've been quiet lately as my plate is full with loads of things... but I'm back here again and it's about time to post a quick update! :)

The training is going pretty well I can say. My first race of the season is only 4 weeks away so it's time to speed up and have the savage spins done! The form is coming, the motivation is through the roof! I'm also dying to see my new team kit!! #excitingtimes #can'twait

Thursday, April 5, 2018

2016 Trek Superfly 7 // The first 500 km

I'm over the first 500 km on the Trek since I started to use it, so it's time to say a few words about my impressions. 

The machine has been tried & tested under many conditions. The first thing to mention is riding this XC weapon just simply feels right. It could be it's size or the geometry but it feels like a nice machine altogether. I've had a few proper off-road spins and also big, long trainings on the road. 

But lets check some details:

  • The frame is absolutely brilliant! It handles very well, it is very responsive and yet comfortable. The features such as bolt-through rear end and brake positioning on the chainstay give a stiff and proper riding experience.
  • The Fox 32 suspension fork is savage! Takes a lot of beating and it's really smooth indeed. The CTD system works great, I particulary like the Trail settings where you have active suspension but it isn't too soft. Many times this setting is the perfect choice for me. 
  • The Bontrager wheels are still running true and smooth, loving them.
  • The gears work well, although I have changed the system around a bit to suit me needs.
  • The Shimano brakes do give plenty of braking power but if I need to be honest here I have to say that my old Avid Elixirs were much more powerful...

So, the Superfly is a proper XC machine that rides sweet, climbs like a beast and very comfident on the descends. The 27,5" wheelsize and the geometry create a very agile bike that feels like a freakin' rocket on the trails. Kudos to Trek, thanks for creating such a nice bike! :)