Monday, December 11, 2017

Just a quick update

It's about time to pop my head up on the web and send a quick update here. Things are fine, training is going alright. Winter spins are going great although we are pretty much forced to stay on the road as the trails are really not good at the moment. 

I recently started running again. I'm out and about 2 times a week and by now I've reached the 10k barrier nicely. Of course the plan is there: keep going like this through the winter months and increase the distance nicely. 

So here we are folks, nothing special to report anyway. Just the usual stuff. My holiday is coming soon, I'll be off work so hopefully I can get some long spins and savage running sessions under way soon. Bring it on! :) 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bike Mayhem // The proper game for mountain bikers

Ok, I didn't see this coming. There was I, browsing the app store searching for something to kill time with on my mobile. The store suggestion popped up and the name was Bike Mayhem. I didn't get my hopes up as all mountain biker games that I've see before were kinda sh*tty. 

Not in this case though. After a quick download I was already rocking the trails! :) The biggest suprise was the physics of the game. The way the bike reacts to the ground and obsticles is amazing. 

There is a ton of customization in the game. You can pick different helmet, clothing, frame and wheels. Them two actually has an impact on the gameplay! 

Different wheels do have different properties such as better acceleration or top speed. Same with the frames: some of them are for heavy downhill stages, some others are for tricks and jumps. 

There is 100+ trails in the game and they look brilliant. You can fly through forests with roots, deserts with massive rocks and test you dirt jump skills on proper jump tracks also. 

Each and every trail is rated and you gotta achieve 1 star at least to progress and to unlock new trails and locations. 

The control of the game is pretty staright forward: you have a pedal and a brake button on your right thumb, you have a move balance forward, backward and a jump key on your left. The tricks layout is on the right also and all you have to do is to smash the one that you're trying to pull off. Simple as!

So, if you are interested to test this MTB game out waste no time! It'll give you many hous of fun and challenging trails indeed. :) 

Monday, November 13, 2017

The big e-bike post

Ok. Here we go, I'm writing a post about the "hot topic" that makes a huge diversity between cyclists and creates waves that are fully understandable in my opinion.

Before I get into it I need to make one thing cristal clear. This post is not here to offend anyone or to judge any e-bike users. It's simply my opinion about e-bikes in general and about mountain biking on e-bikes. 

So... e-bikes are here. We all know that. We also know what's the deal with them, how do they work and all that jazz. The thing is that they are here to stay and in particular segments they are good for the users. An e-bike comes handy for city commuting or for recovery after an injury. They are also nice for sightseeing and tourists. This segment is not where the poblem is!

The problem is when e-bikes and their riders are getting into the sport/performance/racing scene of mountain biking...

We are talking about an endurance sport here. I think we can all agree with that. Am I right? You get on your bike, push the pedals and achieve things... simple as that. Climb hard climbs, ride long routes and trails, push against the headwind. And at the end of the day this makes you feel happy, accomplished and from time to time makes you feel proud of your achievements. Achievements that you have been working for. An achievement that can be a short weekend spin with your mates, a long off-road route and also a mountain bike marathon event that you completed for the first time. You did it. You and your bike... that's what I'm talking about.

Getting into cycling with an e-bike is wrong altogether. Well, it is for me anyway. Do you want to get into cycling and ride your bike?! Then freakin' do it!!

It is like getting into running and sign up for a marathon event on a scooter. Or getting into weight lifting and getting some hydraulic assistance to help lifting the bloody thing... not all the way though, just a little bit of assistance will do. What's up with that? 

Event organizers run e-bike category on a well known XC Marathon race? People on e-bikes fly by guys out on training and laugh at them as they pass by? E-bikers taking part in hillclimb events? I mean really? Is this where this whole e-story is heading? This is the point when I max out my threshold with electric assisted bikes and their proud owners...

I picked my side regarding of e-bikes... Sure, they are fun to ride, you can fly around the hills without breaking any sweat and they are certainly "cool" to brag with in front of your non-biker friends. But if all this makes you happy you are missing the whole point...

So, this is the reason why I can't relate to this whole e-bike game and I feel a strong urge to smash the screen in scroll immedietaly down when I see an article about e-bikes...