Saturday, February 17, 2018

2016 Trek Superfly 7 // First thoughts

Today was the day when I finally managed to get on the on the new bike and had my first test spin on it. I was absolutely dying to see what's the bike like as I got sick pretty much staright after I got it. So it was sitting in The Shed waiting to be ridden. But only until today! 

I took the bike only for a short 2 hours spin around the local hills. Unfortunatelly the weather is still pretty grim with a massive amount of mud so there was a very little off-road along the way.  

Anyway, my first impressions are very good I have to say. The bike feels nice! The frame is very rigid yet still comfortable. The spec of the bike works well and it is more than perfect what I need it for. The riding position is bang on and the handling feels very responsive too. So all in all it's a savage XC machine and I can't wait to give it a proper go on some sweet trails. Come on dry weahter, help me out here!! :) 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Going wide range with 11-42 cassette

As I'm running a single-ring setup at the front I was planning to have a wide range cassette that will create the perfect 1x10 system. Recently I got a SunRace 10 speed cassette with 11-42 ratio from my good friend Józsi, thanks a lot dude!! :)   

This should be more than ok and the way I see it: if I can't climb something with 36T x 42T than I rather get off the bike and run it. :) 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Operation Stem Slam

The part

The final touch on the new bike was to get the handlebar position nice & low. To be able to get things done the way I like them to be I got a beautiful piece of kit from my mate Gyuszi. Thanks a million dude! :)

The details:

Specialized // 90 mm lenght // -17° angle with additional -4° spacer. 

The job

So, there was nothing else to do but to cut the steerer tube of the fork. Luckily I have what I need to get a job like this done easily.  

The setup

After the 15 minutes job the front of the bike was ready. Freakin' awesome setup it is and honestly I can't wait to give the beast a go. Roll on next weekend!! :) 

Friday, February 2, 2018

2016 Trek Superfly 7 // My new machine

Yep, something has changed recently! I sold my faithful Niner and got this lovely Trek Superfly 7 XC machine for myself. This is the 2016 model from the range of Trek and there is plenty of change compare to my last 2,5 years: the bike has gears and also has a suspension fork. I guess I'm getting back to my roots after the longish single speeder years. :) 

But lets have a closer look at the machine itself!

The frame is made out of Trek's Alpha Platinum Aluminum and it comes with tapered head tube, internal cable routing, bolth through axle and press-fit bottom bracket. The lines are sweet and the weldings are nice & smooth. This is a 15,5" size that means the bike runs 650b wheels. The seatpost size is 27,2 mm and it has my old Fi'zi:k Tundra saddle on.  

At the front there's a sweet FOX 32 CTD fork with 15mm bolt through axle and 100 mm travel. We can't ignore the decal colour design, it looks absolutely brilliant! The cockpit is nice and low thanks to the 100 mm long Specialized stem with -16°drop. The 690mm wide Bontrager handlebar is the right size fro the bike and the beast looking ESI grips will make things comfy indeed.     

I've made some changes to the gear system of the bike as I'm running a single chainring at the front. There's a lovely 36T AbsoluteBlack oval ring fitted to the Shimano M627 cranks (massive thank you to my good friend Majláth Gyuszi for sorting me out with this brilliant piece of art). Of course I put the old set of Shimano XTR pedals on, they are simply the best out there in my opinion. At the back there's a 10 speed Shimano HG50 casette with the range of 11-36. The Shimano XT Shadow Plus rear mech does a perfect job. 

The stopping power is provided by the Shimano Deore hydraulic brake system. They will stop the wheels (Bontrager Mustang Elite) just fine! The Bontrager XR2 Expert 27,5x2,20 Tubeless tyres will keep me rubber side down on the trails.     

So, this machine will be my new companion on the trails. Am I excited to ride this bike? Jaysus I am!! Can't wait to get out and have my first proper test spin on it! Stay tune for first impressions!! :)