Thursday, April 5, 2018

2016 Trek Superfly 7 // The first 500 km

I'm over the first 500 km on the Trek since I started to use it, so it's time to say a few words about my impressions. 

The machine has been tried & tested under many conditions. The first thing to mention is riding this XC weapon just simply feels right. It could be it's size or the geometry but it feels like a nice machine altogether. I've had a few proper off-road spins and also big, long trainings on the road. 

But lets check some details:

  • The frame is absolutely brilliant! It handles very well, it is very responsive and yet comfortable. The features such as bolt-through rear end and brake positioning on the chainstay give a stiff and proper riding experience.
  • The Fox 32 suspension fork is savage! Takes a lot of beating and it's really smooth indeed. The CTD system works great, I particulary like the Trail settings where you have active suspension but it isn't too soft. Many times this setting is the perfect choice for me. 
  • The Bontrager wheels are still running true and smooth, loving them.
  • The gears work well, although I have changed the system around a bit to suit me needs.
  • The Shimano brakes do give plenty of braking power but if I need to be honest here I have to say that my old Avid Elixirs were much more powerful...

So, the Superfly is a proper XC machine that rides sweet, climbs like a beast and very comfident on the descends. The 27,5" wheelsize and the geometry create a very agile bike that feels like a freakin' rocket on the trails. Kudos to Trek, thanks for creating such a nice bike! :)

Friday, March 30, 2018

Alright! :)

Now, many of you know, many of you don't. But the honest truth is that I'm a big fan of nice beer and I like to enjoy a bottle every now and then. Not going crazy on them now! :)

I'm after getting this great little selection of Hungarian craft beer. Will be some sampling soon I'd say! :) 

Monday, March 26, 2018

MOTSUV Oval Chainring

I just picked this beauty up freshly from the local post office after it's been delivered from the Far East. We are lookin' at a MOTSUV 34T Narrow/Wide Oval Chainring. I'm using oval chainrings for more than a year now, so the decision was pretty straight forward. 

But lets see some details:

The weight is 50 grams

It is a 34T chainring with 104 BCD that has a narrow/wide profile, so it's ideal choice for riders who rather prefer single chainring at the front. It is made out of 7075-T6 alloy and has a friendly enough weight also. 

Got it fitted with a set of custom made 1,8 mm thick spacers

I'm pretty curious about this ring, especially about the lifetime of it. I've been using very similar products (also from China) before and I was super happy. So, I hope it'll be the same story once again! :) 

Ready to roll, will test it in the next few days

 Stay tuned for short term review!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Finally we are back riding trails again!!

Yessss, the weather has finally cleared off a tad bit. This could mean only one thing for a mountain biker: hit the trails without a second of hesitation! 

Now, some places were still almost unrideable but at least we could ride some of the local trails getting the taste of some sweet mountain biking. Man, I was waiting to see these trails badly!!! :)

I've had a good week on the bike, I managed to get out for training 4 times this week. I was riding  8 hour and 45 minutes and done 168 km with 2745 meters of climbing. Finally I put in a solid week of training and that's good for now! I even had a chance to celebrate... 

... with a lovely piece of mignon from my favourite pastry shop! :)