Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Crosskovácsi Marathon 2017 // 2 weeks to go

Here we go again, I'll be lining up to the start line again in about 2 weeks time. I'll be racing the 23rd Crosskovácsi Marathon in Nagykovácsi. I never raced here, so it will be the perfect opportunity to try this iconic event! 

The race is popular and vey well organized by a properly experienced team. As it will be the 2017 Hungarian National Marathon Champs, so things can't go wrong if I'm after some sweet mountain bike marathon action!

Training is going ok, my motivation is through the cealing. I'm still undecided about the distance that I'll choose though... but I make up my mind soon enough. So, roll on 2017!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Resurrection of my old training loop

Today I had a nice little training going on the local trails. The plan was to get a few laps done on the old XC loop that we used to ride ages and ages ago, when I started racing back in 2001. 

It's a good 'aul fashion XC course with pretty much one longish climb and a very fast rolling descent. The course is 2,7 km long and the elevation gain is 93 m in one lap. Once you're done with the classic power climb that's out in the open you'll enter the forest and soon will start your mega fast downhill through the woods. There's a short climb still at the end just before the start/finish point of the loop. It's a great course, especially because it brings back about a ton of nice memories from the past! 

I've done 4 laps on the XC course and after I got a bit of a mileage also. I finished todays ride with 48,7 km and 830 m of climbing in the Garmin. Good enough for today. But of course there was time...

... for a moment of silence at the lake...

... and a quick bubbly resfreshment at the pastry shop. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Welcome back to life you beautiful beast!

During yeasterday the Niner got so much abuse that left no other choice but to carry out a proper TLC on it. Sunny day, savage metal music and an hour later a squeeky clean single speed XC weapon! I'll take that thank you very much! ;)