Friday, November 22, 2013

2014 European XC Marathon Champs // Update # 1

It has started. I have started my preparation for the 2014 XC Marathon European Champs  recently and I thought it would be a great idea to post some updates every now and again about different stages of the upcoming 7 month's work. So, here is the first update!

One of the most important part at this point is to get  tons of low intensity winter milage in during the upcoming few months. So, I put down the mountain bike for a while (only fun-filled spins here and there) and will be doing long road spins on my faithful Giant TCX.

This will be a familiar sight for a good while I'd say

The other part of my winter preparation is running. Now, this is a bit more tricky 'cause I have high risk to pick up an injury, like it happened last winter. The plan is to take it easy and steady, don't push too much too soon. If I can stick to the plan everything will be grand! :)

It's running time again, the secret is: take it easy!!

Besides all this I will start doing core excersises at home and I am hoping to go to the swimming pool once a week also. Few details still to be sorted, but I'm getting there. 

This is what's happening these days. The weather is getting cold, the days are short and there's plenty of work to do. Roll on winter, keep me busy!!

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