Monday, February 28, 2011

Easy spin in the Phoenix Park

I have been a bit ill in the last couple of days, it seems like I did catch some sort of flu or cold. I didn't feel too well and didn't ride the bike on the weekend. I just wanted to stay away from getting sick seriously just right before the season.

Today I felt better and decided to have a very short recovery type spin in the famous Phoenix Park. I think the park is a little bit under estimated by many of the mountain bikers. It is in the city, we have to deal with traffic, and let's be honest here: it isn't exactly challenging terrain. It's might be a little bit boring for mountain biking.

But in some cases this park is an ideal choice. Because it's very close to the city it is very fast to get to and back. I also really like the fields, the single tracks and the little lakes also, I like to have a nice bike ride ther from time to time.

I allways been interested to see the details of the park spin. It has lots of little up and down sections on the trails but I've had no idea about the exact numbers. The trail that goes around the park is 99% off road and it is 11km long. One full lap has 233m of total ascent, which is not too bad compare to how flat the park is. So you can actually get in a nice training spin if you cover the full lap four or fives times.

As I said it before the park isn't the most exciting location for XC spins but I think it's good idea to visit it once in a while.

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